Sexy and Hot…..

Young Veterans new breakout artist Opal Alicia Josephs was born in Kingston, Jamaica. The wildcard during an interview says music was a “buck ups.” She was the featured artist in Mr. Vegas hit song “Hot Wuk.” The artist wants to be deemed as a diamond in the rough as she sports the image of the sexy, naughty and nice vixen. Her inspiration is birthed form the secular world; as she brings the unadulterated truth about women role in society and in relationships. She says her music is fun, a tease and leaves very little to imagination as her explicit lyrics tell it all. She is a down to earth girl who loves to play football, dance and just have a good time. She admires and respect fellow dancehall artists, such as Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, Bounty Killa and Beenie Man. As a young vet in the business she aspires to find a niche that goes against the grain of the convention female in the dancehall. She thrives make a name for herself that will not only cause shockwaves locally but spread internationally.

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